Cast & Crew

cast and crew

James3James Westby (writer-director-editor)

James Westby is a filmmaker and video store employee from Portland , Oregon . His work has shown at the New York Underground Film Festival, the Sarasota Film Festival, and the Chicago Underground Film Festival. His film Bloody Mary was praised by Roger Ebert as “a diabolical thriller in the tradition ofBlood Simple ,” and he was quoted by John Pierson in the bookSpike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes as a voice of a new generation of filmmakers. James loves movies more than anything and would love to talk with you about them.

Top Ten Favorite Films:

Ace in the Hole (Wilder)

Alphaville (Godard)

Belle de Jour (Bunuel)

The Big Lebowski (Coen)

Chungking Express (Wong)

Dead Ringers (Cronenberg)

The Long Goodbye (Altman)

Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (Tati)

The Shining (Kubrick)

Stranger Than Paradise (Jarmusch)


Byrd McDonald (producer)

A graduate of the New York University Film Program, Byrd McDonald worked as a Creative Executive for director Jonathan Demme’s production company Clinica Estetico from 1994-1999. Byrd was a founding producer of Phat Shorts, a short film festival held in New York City from 1995-2001. With Justin Tan, Byrd produced HUGE (2001) and RAW (2002), both collections of short films directed by various indie directors including Bruce La Bruce, Rose Troche, and Ira Sachs. In 2004, Byrd co-directed and co-produced feature length documentary HAUNTERS with Brian John son. Along with James Westby, Byrd was named one of the 10 new filmmakers to watch by the Oregonian in 2004.

Top Ten Favorite Films:

Nashville (Altman)

Halloween (Carpenter)

Manhatttan (Allen)

Sous-sol (Gang)

See The Sea (Ozon)

Aliens (Cameron)

Gimme Shelter (Maylses)

Ice Storm (Lee)

Life is Sweet (Leigh)

Sherman ‘s March (McElwee)


Jason Wells (Composer)

Jason Wells is a composer of music and sound designer with many film, TV, and animation credits including Dreamworks, Disney, and Tim Burton. Finding a home in Portland, OR, Jason has worked on many independent films such as the critically acclaimed “Alma,” the upcoming feature documentary “Lipstick and Dynamite: The First Ladies of Wrestling,” Mark Palansky’s “The Same,” starring Josh Hartnett, Tim Burton’s “Stainboy,” and many others. A wacky-jazz/ classical/ soundtrack enthusiast, trumpet player (Trashcan Joe, March Fourth Marching Band) and pathetic film-geek himself, Jason brings a lifetime of disturbing loquaciousness to FILM GEEK.

Jason’s All-Time Top Ten (Updated Daily):

2001: A Space Odyssey


Never Cry Wolf


Crimes and Misdemeanors

Blade Runner (The Director’s Cut)

The Straight Story

Apocalypse Now (NOT Redux!!!!)


Being There


Jason Hughes (cinematographer)

Jason Hughes lives in Portland, Oregon in a lovely pink house with his girlfriend and his son. Film Geek is his first feature length film.
He hopes you enjoy it.

Top Ten Favorite Films:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Trois Coleurs: Bleu


Raising Arizona

The Last Temptation of Christ

Young Frankenstein

All Marx Brothers films

Lolita (Kubrick)


The Muppet Movie

Melik Malkasian (Scotty Pelk)

Melik started his film acting career in 1993 with a lead role in James Westby’s first feature, “Subculture.”  Since then, Melik and James have done 4 features and numerous shorts together.  Melik’s TV credits include parts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Judging Amy”, “Star Trek: Voyager” as well as several Movies of the Week.  And plenty of theatre. Melik currently resides in Canada, where he is dodging the draft.

Top Ten Favorite Films:

The Cameraman

Dr. No


A Hard Day’s Night

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Heavens Above

Pumping Iron

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Revenge of the Nerds

When We Were Kings



Tyler Gannon (Niko)

Tyler Gannon has been acting since her childhood. She appeared opposite Kirsten Dunst in FIFTEEN AND PREGNANT (1998), and starred in the TV movie THE ANN AND ABBY STORY (1999). Most recently, Tyler appeared in Mike Mills’ THUMBSUCKER (2004). She currently resides in Los Angeles.


Matt Morris (Brandon)

After time in the Army and working several construction jobs, Matt Morris began acting in his early 20’s. A dozen films later, his career continues to gain momentum. Matt currently lives in Los Angeles, where just wrapped on the WWI film “Doughboys” by Kit Conners. Film Geek is his first feature-length film. He was hired for his chiseled good looks and his stunning resemblance to the actor Patrick Dempsey.


John Breen (Mr. Johnson)

John Breen has been referred to as the “world’s funniest kung fu battle-action-shaman.” As an actor he has starred in several short films including the award-winning Crank Calls, The Gun Man and Nice, the latter two of which he also wrote and directed. His TV credits include appearances on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN and UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE on Comedy Central. Breen’s stage experience contains numerous comedic and dramatic roles in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and Vancouver BC, highlighted by his work with the critically acclaimed sketch comedy duo Hoskins and Breen. A gifted improviser, John performs regularly at ComedySportz in Portland, as well as with The Liberators and Rough n Ready.

Top Ten Favorite Films:

The Magnificent Seven



A Clockwork Orange

A Woman Under the Influence


Rabbit Proof Fence

The Bridge on the River Kwai

True Grit

City of God